What is MYNT and how does it work?

MYNT is a proprietary, host-based platform (virtual terminal) that enables merchants to accept payments, set employee access privileges, view transactions/reports/settlement activity, and statements. MYNT provides a complete solution for brick and mortar merchants that wish to enjoy the convenience of processing transactions through their PC. MYNT is also easily integrated with any Point-Of-Sale, management software, or website. This provides for a truly integrated solution, and eliminates the complications typically associated with analog environments. MYNT controls the entire transaction process from the point of authorization all the way to the point of settlement, providing merchants with a single point of contact on all processing issues.

What type of environments can use MYNT?

Dynamic by design, MYNT is a secure transaction platform, serving all market segments through one host-based system. From Retail applications, to E-commerce environments, MYNT provides the merchant with the ability to run all transactions through a single platform. By providing the merchant with many access level options, accounts may be designed to reflect desired roaming privileges.

What types of transactions does MYNT enable me to process?

MYNT has been designed to support all ATM Bersama partners.

How do I get started?

To begin using MYNT, you must register an account first. To apply for one, please click here.

How fast is an MYNT transaction?

Transactions are completed in seconds.

Can I use MYNT on my mobile phone?

Yes. MYNT has mobile application for Android devices.